Chicago’s Best New Restaurants
[May 2014 Issue] “One year, 317 meals, 61 contenders?and a final list of 17 new places making Chicago a world-class dining city.

Anyone who’s into Korean barbecue will likely remain loyal to his go- to place. But Gogi, the brainchild of a former rock promoter named Pete Cho and his mother, Stella, entered the debate with a friendly, modern approach that eclipses the usual surly grease traps.

Whether you stick to top-notch fried mandoo (dumplings) and a flavorful homemade kimchi jjigae (fermented cabbage, tofu, and pork stew)?or seek adventures involving spicy pork spine, Gogi brings its A-game. And the caramelized galbi (marinated short ribs) cooked on a tabletop charcoal pit, run circles around the stuff at San Soo Gab San or any other K-barbecue spot to which you stubbornly cling.

Perfect for: Packs of ravenous carnivores” READ MORE

-Carly Boers, Penny Pollack, Jeff Ruby, and Carrie Schedler at Chicago Magazine


These 15 Chicago Restaurants Will Blow the Taste Buds Out of Your Mouth
“It’s pretty hard to find something wrong with Gogi. The service, food, atmosphere?everything is a home run. It’s pretty safe to say it’s the best Korean barbecue joint in town, which is actually quite a statement considering Gogi has only been around about a year.

The pork belly will have you wondering why you don’t just eat barbecue all day, every day. And you’ll never run out of banchan dishes, because the friendly waiters will keep it coming. And at the end of the meal when the check comes you won’t feel like you’ve been robbed just to get a good meal. See? Basically nothing wrong with this place.” READ MORE

? Pierre Roustan, Movoto



Gogi firing up Korean barbeque
“Unless you grew up with it, or have friends who know what they’re doing, Korean barbeque can be a little daunting. That’s why the second generation owners behind Gogi, in West Rogers Park, are trying to demystify it.” READ MORE

-Steve Dolinsky, ABC-7 Chicago


My Favorite New Korean BBQ in Chicago
“When the kalbi arrived, rolled into three perfectly aligned balls, each topped with a single daikon radish sprout, we noticed how they preferred to do all of the work for us, unfurling the kalbi strips as one piece over the grill.” READ MORE

?Steve Dolinsky


Gogi Korean barbecue reignites the fire
“… the most satisfying Korean barbecue experience in the city.” READ MORE

?Mike Sula, Reader / Chicago Sun-Times


Our favorite restaurants of 2013

-Reader / Chicago Sun-Times


137 tasty things from 2013
“(109) samgyeopsal, (110) yukhoe, (111) kimchijeonREAD MORE

?Mike Sula, Reader / Chicago Sun-Times


Coal for Real – Gogi is Chicago’s finest new Korean barbecue joint
“Our first thought upon seeing the platter loaded with a double order of marinated galbi at Gogi in West Rogers Park: There is no way that three people can finish that. Oh, how wrong we were. We’re already fantasizing about a return trip…” READ MORE

?Heather Sperling, Tasting Table


The 100 best things we ate and drank this year
“SAENG SAMGYEOPSAL – We usually like to leave the cooking to the pros when we dine out-unless that cooking involves thick-cut saeng samgyeopsal, pork belly that crisps up on the grill. It’s spicy and sweet when eaten with grilled bean sprouts and kimchi.” READ MORE

? Amy Cavanaugh & Julia Kramer, TimeOut Chicago


Best New Chicago Restaurants of 2013
“I knew from the moment the thinly sliced and beautifully marbled short rib was unfurled onto the charcoal grill that Gogi put just a bit more effort into everything it served than the average Korean barbecue restaurant. The care extended to all parts of the meal, including the varied collection of banchan brought out at the beginning of the meal.” READ MORE
– Nick Kindelsperger, Serious Eats


Best Chicago Restaurant for a Large Group?
“My favorite type of place to dine in a big group, hands-down, is Korean barbecue. You know, the kind where you cook your own meat over a grill in the center of the table. You’ll inevitably smell like smoky grilled meat for 24 hours straight, even if you shower with a fire hose right afterwards (I like to call the resulting smell Eau de Dennis). My current favorite Korean barbecue restaurant is Gogi in Rogers Park?the quality of meat is very high, and the plentiful banchan (the wee sides in the tiny dishes) are freshly made by experienced hands. Korean food is built to share by default, and if you’re doing it like you’re supposed to, someone is always going out of their way to put some grilled meat on your plate for you. Even the ladies that work at the restaurant will hover by you to make sure your group is getting enough food. If you’re doing it right, everyone will be talking loudly, insisting you try this or that, there’ll be a lot of laughing, you’ll have eaten at least 12 different items, and everyone will leave uncomfortably full with a smile on their face.” READ MORE

? Dennis Lee, Serious Eats


20 Korean Dishes We Love in Chicago
“GALBI – It was clear from the start of my first meal at Gogi that just about everything was a step above every other Korean barbecue joint in town. That’s no slam on the rest, just an honest observation on the care and dedication Gogi lavishes on its dishes. That includes all of the banchan and even the salad, but if you want to experience Gogi in all its glory, you must order the galbi. The thinly sliced sheets of short rib are still connected to the bone at one end, and it’s mostly the waiter’s job to unwrap the meat and cook it on the charcoal grill in front of you. This allows you to focus and take it all in. Breathe in the in the mix of beef fat and charcoal. Dig into the browned meat, with its mix of crisp meat and juicy fat. Gnaw on the heavily caramelized scraps clinging to the bone.” READ MORE

?Serious Eats Chicago Team, Serious Eats


“Gogi offers a mouth-watering smorgasbord of raw meats for grilling…” READ MORE

– Meghan Streit, Windy City Media

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