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GOGI (pronounced "goh-gee", there is no "j")

GOGI is Chicago’s Korean Barbecue. Chosen as one of 2014’s “Best New Restaurants” by Chicago Magazine; here, barbecue aficionados and culinary thrill-seekers become acquainted with the very finest meats and flavors. Picture the glow of burning charcoal right at your table, the sounds and aromas of sizzling juices all adding to the anticipation of what is about to hit your taste buds. This is the magic of GOGI, a truly beautiful and unique cultural experience! Located at 6240 N. California Ave., Chicago, IL 60659. Phone 773-274-6669

GOGI was a vision that my dad had before he passed away in June 2013. His vision became a reality when I decided to open GOGI in mid-September 2013 with the help of my mom in the West Ridge neighborhood of Chicago. GOGI is where Korean barbecue lovers go and come together to enjoy chewing on some of the world’s best tasting protein. The name GOGI literally means “meat” in Korean so with confidence the bar has been raised!

P.S. Dad you would be proud! This piece is for you!


-Pete Cho
Son, Founder, & President of GOGI





Can I grill at my table?
Absolutely! Every table has its own barbecue grill with a fan above for safe ventilation. We have real wood charcoal and gas powered grills used depending on the meat order. We do require a minimum order of two barbecued meat items to grill at the table otherwise your order will be cooked in the kitchen.

Can I have the kitchen cook my meat instead?
Absolutely, but your meat will not be cooked with charcoal.

I have no idea how to cook meat, can someone help me?
Yes! We have our servers trained to help you with every step of the way.

Do you allow kids?
Yes, well behaved children are great!

What is Banchan?
Banchan refers to small side dishes made from mostly fermented vegetables. Our banchan is made in our kitchen! Banchan is included with barbecue orders.

Is rice included too?
Yes but only upon request at no extra charge. First round is free!

Are your meats precut?
We cut the meats ourselves in the kitchen. Nothing is prepackaged.

No, we have a liquor license. We carry beers from Hite, OB, Cass, and Hitachino. We also have wines, soju, and other Korean spirits.

No buffets here, if we decided to do a KBBQ buffet, the quality of the meat would not be up to par with GOGI’s standards or else we would  have to jack up the prices.

Do you have any gluten-free items?
Yes, plenty of our menu items are gluten-free and we also have gluten-free alternatives. Check our menu page for a list of gluten-free items!

Do you deliver?
We do not deliver because we believe our customers deserve the full Korean barbecue experience inside Gogi!

Do you allow carry-out?
Yes we do allow carry-out orders, however we are big advocates of a greener environment and hope you will decide to dine-in instead!


Photo by Alina Tsvor @ChicagoFoodAuthority




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