• Happy New Year: 2015!

    Happy New Year everyone! Our menu has been updated with new seafood options for barbecue! We’ve added Godeungeo Gui (Mackerel), Wang Saeu (King Shrimp), and Jjukkumi Gui (Spicy Baby Octopus). We may be adding more meat options to barbecue in the near future!

    Also we encourage everyone to not drink and drive in the new year and beyond. We have your first Uber ride free! ($20 value) Use the promo code: ubergogi

    or visit:
    *Offer valid for new Uber customers only.

  • Chicago Agashi Interview

    Chicago Agashi

    Chicago Agashi

    Chicago food blogger Joyce of Chicago Agashi interviewed Gogi owner Pete Cho for an experimental cross-city collaboration.

    Below is a peak of the interview,

    Pete didn’t know what to expect when he opened gogi.  He certainly did not expect the degree of success and recognition that it has received in its mere fourteen months of operation.  He has been approached by various people wanting him to open a location in their neighborhood, and even in different cities…

    You can read the in depth interview at her blog here.


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