When my mom and I opened up Gogi a year ago we could not have imagined the love and the support we have received from the community of Chicago. To be honest, I had no idea what to expect before opening up Gogi a year ago, but I gave it my all and that is what mattered. It was also a promise to my dad that I would do my very best at running a restaurant. It is an incredible feeling when customers come from all over the city and even the country to experience Gogi! It is a thrill when we would have customers share stories about how they drove all the way down from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, and even from New York just to eat Korean BBQ in Chicago! As a small business we have had the honor of having the deputy mayor and known personalities come in to try our food. What is the most important of all is that you came in and gave us a chance!

    I am proud that Gogi is truly a family business. My uncle from Seattle flew all the way out to help build our tables and my little sister also helped sew the covers onto the booth seats that many of you have sat on. My uncle Chris, who is our chef has done an amazing job running the kitchen. My mom, disapproving of the color scheme, painted the walls fresh at the last minute before opening up. I thought we were going to hire the professionals that painted it the first time but I came in one day and she was painting all by herself! My mom is the hardest working person I know and I could not have made it through the first year with out her. When you see my mom (Stella), give her a hug or a high five. She truly is the heart and spirit of Gogi.

    It is a great feeling to make new friends and create new jobs in the process of seeing my dad’s dream come alive. We made it happen and I’m a proud son to help achieve that. Gogi is not an individual but a team; we are a collaborative effort and I want to thank my staff for their hard work!

    Let us celebrate and cheers to another great year and beyond. Thank you so much for being so loving and supportive.


    Pete Cho

  • Phone Line Crossed


    According to our telephone provider our land line has been crossed with a residential neighbor down the street. What this means is that if you call our business line, someone else will answer. We unfortunately have their phone number. We apologize for this bizarre inconvenience that has become a problem since last Saturday but we hope to get this fixed by Thursday, September 18th. In the mean time we are open as usual. Our one year anniversary is coming up fast on Friday, September 19th! You can make your reservation online here:

    We will be providing 20% off all soups during lunch hours, 12pm-4:30pm on Saturday & Sunday.




    -Pete Cho



12:00PM - 10:00PM


4:30PM - 12:30AM


Saturday & Sunday Lunch
12:00pm – 4:30pm
20% off all soups & stews

Monday & Tuesday Dinner
50% off one appetizer, excludes Yukhoe.
Must purchase one food item at full price.

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6240 N. California Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60659

Located in the West Rogers Park neighborhood, in between Peterson and Devon.

ph. 773-274-6669